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djron_film wrote:

gkellum wrote:

adekanon wrote:
But where can I find my serial and license? Are you sending that via email like all the other plugin producer on the market? Normally i get this immediately after payment. This is the first time i have to wait so long for a serial for a bought plugin. This is really frustrating!!!

If you bought the plugin on eventideaudio.com, you do receive everything immediately after payment, but sales that go through eventidestore.com are processed by our front office and therefore aren't immediate.  Yesterday was Thanksgiving holiday, but orders from yesterday should be processed today.  So, you should get an email with the serial number and license key today.  Our apologies for the wait.


unfortunatley this is still happeing over at Eventide. I still havent received my serial and licence and looks like no one cares that I spent my money on a Fri and apart from an email saying "we're on it", I'll have to wait until Monday before I even get a response. It might be an idea to put on your website "buy downloaded software from us on Fridays at your own discreation, as if you dont get a serial or licence from us immediately, you may have to wait until at least after the weekend for a response". At least this way your potential customers would have more respect for your honesty and they'd also still have their money and the option on where to spend it. #tuttuttut

Hi djron_film,

I'm sorry you are having a problem.  We've actually changed both our plug-in purchasing system and store since this thread was active and I believe Greg's response is no longer true, you should have recieved an email with a serial number and license code?  Have you checked your spam folder to make sure it isn't there?

If you have and you don't see it, please either request a demo (https://www.eventideaudio.com/plugin_demo?product=Elevate%20Mastering%20Bundle) to hold you over, or email your iLok account name do support (at) newfangledaudio.com and I can send you a temporary license until support gets back on Monday.