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floresp640 wrote:
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tmoravan wrote:
For the record, I’m not willing to change my router password just to accomodate the H9000 since every other device in the house is able to connect successfully.

What about running an Ethernet cable for the purpose of doing the update?

Yes, an Ethernet cable would work for updating the H9000. Having your Ethernet plugged in will satisfy all of the H9000’s network capabilities such as updating your unit and connecting to Emote.


Of course a cable would work perfectly if either a) I had a long enough cable in stock, or b) I was willing to pull the H9000 from the rack just to do an update.  The faceplate finish seems a bit easy to mark/chip, especially along the top/bottom edges, and I didn’t need the update immediately.


Since it’s early in the process, I figured I’d try the wireless since it is convenient and see how it went.  As a result, a potential issue/bug was dicovered so in the long run it’s a win.  If I absolutely needed the update to finish a session or something then yes, pulling the unit from the rack and cabling it up would have been the process.