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Eventide Staff
mikeyralston wrote:
I want to, for ex., be able to have chorus and delay + compression /eq operating on the same preset. Is this possible with only 1 H9? Or is this the reason why people ( rich people) Buy multiple H9s?

There are some algorithms in H9 that have multiple effects in one algorithm. For example, SpaceTime algorithm has Chorus + Delay + Reverb; PitchFuzz has Fuzz + Pitches + Delay. However, if you want chorus + delay + compression /eq, it's not possible to have them with only 1 H9. Yes, it is the reason why people buy multiple H9s. The good news is that you can just buy an H9 Core after the first H9 Max. A Core can sync all algorithms if you already have a Max, which can save you 300 bucks if you want a second one.