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i’m on win 7 x64 and solutions seem to exist but i couldn’t get them to work. for example i couldn’t have an answer from him, but he seems to have worked further than everyone on the multiclient usbdevice win issue :  http://www.tobias-erichsen.de/software/usbmididriver.html

it would be wonderful if you could develop a solution (inspired by his work ?)

RME audio cards, e. g., did go to develop their own firewire drivers because they had problems with microsoft’s, it then worked better than other firms and after they always got their interface more user-friendly. everyone talks satisfied about their work and they keep growing. i hope Eventide can evolve widely and steadily. H9 control and its programmed link to H9 are a good beginning but needs so much improvement imao.

by the way, i got my space back to the store and bought an H9 max. i still have many little problems but i don’t have time now for writing. i’ll be back 😉

thank you !