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brysava wrote:


I have the Basic Looper synced to Midi Clock from Logic Pro on the H9k That is now working fine. I set up a footswitch (Digitech FS 3X) in Functions to activate record on the looper. The problem is that it takes two taps of the footswitch to activate record this way, and there seems to be other various types of unreliability using footswitch in this way with the Looper.

I tested the footswitch by activating a simple bypass/unbypass in the same looper, and that works fine–its responsive and works either way on the first tap. This same footswitch works fine on my Timefactor pedal, and seems to be ok on other areas of the H9K. If I just start record by hand in the H9k Basic Looper, without the footswitch, this works perfectly, also–I'm just getting this problem trying to activate record via the footswitch (takes two taps instead of one).

For live I need to do this reliably on the first tap using a footswitch.

Thanks for the help,



Hi Bryan,


So we looked into this and in order for the functions to do what you want it ti do, you have to set the Functions knob to momentary instead of toggle. Here's how you do that:

1.) Go to the Parameters page of the looper and click 'Functions' 

2.) Once in the Funtions page click 'EXT CONTROL' on the functions knob you would like to use

3.) From there, click 'CUSTOM MAP' and select your desired aux switch. For this example, we can use SWITCH 1.

4.) After clicking SWITCH 1 select MOMENTARY as the 'ACTION TYPE'

If you assign this to one of the triggers, it should work as expected. 


Alternatively, you can use QuickMap to assign an Auxillary switch to any of the triggers. 

Here's how you do that:


1.) On the parameters page of the looper, highlight your desired trigger of parameter and click QUICK MAP

2.) Once clicked, you'll notice that the params/triggers will say 'Press Enter to Learn'. Press Enter on your desired trigger.

3.) When it says 'Move Any Controller' you can now step on one of your Aux Switches and it will automatically map to that aux switch. 

4.) Press QuickMap again to go back to the normal screen with your assigned triggers. 


Please let me if youre still running into troubles!