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brysava wrote:

When you say you 'name the scene as a midi map', this sounds like you may actually be creating a new map, instead of just adding a Scene to the current map?  In most cases, you will only need to have a single map in the left-hand column, with all your program changes contained in the right-hand column.  Is this the case? No, I am naming the midi map the name of the tune, and making a separate midi map for each tune.  "When focused on the left side of the screen, press the Create Map button to create a MIDI map of a new scene. You will be prompted to name the scene, at which point it will be added to the list of created scenes on the left." This is what made me think a different midi map (and its name) was needed. Do you think that's the main problem?

I believe this may be the issue… some of the terminology here may be getting confused:

The items on the left-hand side are Scene Maps, each of which contains the list of Scenes 1-128 on the right-hand side.

The Scene Maps on the left are independent of one another (only one may be active at a time), and MIDI commands will only be sent to the currently active one.

In most cases a Scene Map is like a set list, with each Scene representing a single tune.  I think the solution to your issue is to create just a single Scene Map, and load the FX chains for each tune in consecutive Scenes within that map.  If you highlight a Scene in the list and do a scene capture, it will appear under that particular scene.  You can't currently rename the individual Scenes, but the name of the FX chain preset being loaded will appear under each Scene, so if your FX chain preset names correspond to the song names, this should help you keep track of where you are in the set.