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jbamberg wrote:


We’ve had a few requests for routing audio from one FX Chain to another.  We are considering including it in version 1.1, which we plan to release in October.

Regarding IRs, we haven’t traditionally done convolution reverbs, but we would be interested to know how you use them, and what you are currently using for this kind of processing.

Excellent news.  I also look forward to seeing a Vsig version.

As to IRs.  I don’t need reverbs, I want speaker simulation capability.  However, general convolution could be fun too.  Anyway, think of replacing the same feature in the line6 Helix, Fractal, or Kemper.  I have a collection of amps and can load them down then send through processing.   

Currently, I use 2 IR/Load box single space rack units.  The H9K with its architecture seems like it would be a natural fit.  This feature essentially gives the unit the ability to do everything a complex guitar rig needs where the user prefers real amps and not modeling.  Obviously, you still need to load down an amp, but the Suhr reactive load box is great for that and then you can do IRs straight to FOH.  The H9000 then can take 4-5 spaces out of my rack.  I can emove IR/Load units and Fractal / Helix unit.  Run H9000 in front of amps, in the loops, and post power section then to FOH or Tape/DAW.  Load box splits non IR signal to Cabs if desired.

Now, I know I’m already out of the product management comfort zone here so I might as well go a little further.  What if you could make a reactive load circuit that could fit as one of the H9000 expansion slots.  There is a lot of room in that box.  At least it looked like it when I installed the Dante card.

Lots of potential around the H9000.  I’m looking forward to having the unit in full force in the guitar rack and then switch to having it in full force mixing without skipping a beat thru Dante.  No need to move, repatch or cable anything.