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I believe new algos will come – I think we’re still at the early stages with the H9 type product

What do we know..

H9 uses an arm processor and the H9000 has 16 (4 quads Arms). They’ve been flat out getting that out the door and are now fine tuning.

Re algos, I think they’re still porting older H series DSP algos to Arm (cos many haven’t yet made it from older H series) but more importantly they will start to release new algos for which they claim Arm provides much more possiblities. With them fully invested in this architecture at minimum for the next 10 years (my feeling is much longer since the processors in H9000 are upgradeable), hopefully the H9 enjoys the ride too.

Multi-processor H90 or H900 on the horizon, next gen eclipse – capable of running multiple algos simultaneously in any order, etc..