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Eventide Staff
andylama wrote:

Hi all,

Loving the H9000 so far.

So, with the DB25 8 channel analog I/O…are there recommended/approved cables?  Would any DB25 analog snake cable work?  I've never dealt with analog audio on a DB25 connector.

Advice is appreciated.

Keep up the amazing work, guys!  This box is full of magic!




Hi Andy,

Thanks for the kind words.

We generally use Hosa snakes around here – they are adequate for our purposes but I can't officially recommend them as we don't subject them to the rigors of use on the road or in a busy studio.  I have the 1/4" TRS variant. There are male and female XLR versions too of course if that's what you need.  The pin out is standard, as specified in AES59.