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Eventide Staff
slim verhoef wrote:

hello eventides, i am having a problem.. some patches on my timefactor are "bypass" by default seemingly. i.e. i select 10:1 for example.. it loads, but in "bypass mode" .. i have to tap fooswitch to engage the preset.

is this a feature of the TF that i can tweak in MIDI settings , or something coming from my midi switcher (KMI softstep)

Anyone else using the KMI softstep with an Eventide stompbox? (Would like to know how to configure it with the TF looper too, softstep is a great pedal)

1. Presets can be saved with bypass on or off. You should be able to solve this issue by saving the preset again with the effect on.

2. The MIDI mapping of TF can be easily changed. Have you ever used H9 Control with your TF? This thread may be helpful to you:


3. You can configure MIDI mapping for LOOPER easily on the unit or in H9 Control (see attachment). This might be also helpful: