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I have been experimenting with preset lists for 2 H9s and followed a similar “At first I thought… But then I thought…” pattern. It seems to be a wide open sandbox, so mirroring and switching the order both work. Just working with the Lists has given me ideas for what to do as I encounter breaks in my workflow as I play and search for ways to make the performances work. I’ve tried making preset lists that would be a collection of pedals, like a pedal board, and also tried to assemble preset lists for songs, so the effects would be in order of a performance. I’ve tried to keep the List Numbers the same for alogorithms that I use together, to keep track easier. It’s all still a work in progress for me but I figured I’d chime in, since it’s a subject I’ve been thinking about too.

I think it’s good to switch the orders. The interactions just happen and they can be really surprising.

My List of Preset Lists keep growing though! I have a feeling that they could get out of hand if I don’t focus on making just a few and have a strategy for each list.