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cooljules1 wrote:

Just got my first Eventide product, the H9. I got the H9 Harmonizer for €584 at a local music store. I'm anxious to get new algos obviously, but the price i'm offered through the app is DKK169 (which is just over GBP20). The only advertised algo prices i've seen is GBP15/USD20. So to max mine out i have to pay GBP400, which i thought would "only" be GBP300. This furthermore hurts a bit more, when i see Thomann.de has the H9 Max for €659. My max will end up costing me €1030 because i live in Denmark. This situation is mildly frustrating – any thoughts?

Our distributors have their right to set the local prices. We hope our users could have the same prices as the ones in the US but it's just something that we cannot control. 

The price for an algorithm varies because of your region's tax. If you want to get rid of this high price, you might try to register a British or American Apple/Google ID and buy algorithms using that ID. I'm not saying I recommend you do that because I'm not familiar with your local laws and regulations. Please note that your purchased algorithms info will be attached to your Apple/Google ID. So please use the same ID to buy algorithms. Otherwise, you may have trouble when you max out your H9.