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nickrose wrote:

Hi – never heard of anything like you describe. I’m doubtful, because algorithms do not load instantly (unfortunately) so it seems unlikely that it would switch between algorithms as you describe. But, that aside, I would suggest that:

1) You try different bypass modes, in case what you are hearing is a bypass artefact.

2) If the above is not helpful, try “Restoring Factory System Settings” as described in the UM.


Well doubtful or not, you can physically see it jump to a different algorithm and then back to where it actually should be. When you use variations of the same algorithm for different custom presets there has never been any lag and this is no exception. I am not changing to a different algorithm to cause dropout which I am familiar with, but when writing any new patches it acts as described. Not a bypass artifact as it s fine with 99% of my cusom presets. Only these new patches I have written lately. Will try restoring as a last resort. I have a lot of presets to back up. After troubleshooting some more, it seems it might be a midi error somwhere with crosstalk. Just switching the pedal on its own and there is no glitch. Just odd as I have never had anything like this issue after many years of service with this pedal.  Thanks for the recommendations though.