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To be fair, there’s always going to be end-user mismatches in any high-gain effect, especially for auditioning preset junkies.  Gain-staging seems to be a lost art.  But I wholeheartedly agree with you on sticking to a consistent baseline level.  It would be useful to put together a [F]actory Preset [L]ist, and make it available here at the forum.  I believe that the Preset Sharing section will only accept individual preset uploads, though.

I put together a PitchFuzz Preset [L]ist, with the Output Levels fixed at 0 dB.  Seemed like the best way to go.  (Many, if not all, are also single presets in the Preset Sharing area).  But I imagine that there’s still minor adjustments to be made, for many rigs.  An individual preset may be full-on fuzz, clean double-tracking, parallel harmonies, delay-centric, or some combination of all of the PitchFuzz features.