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espen wrote:
… Now back to the Tremolo Pan preset on the H9, when using the slowest rate and a sine wave with witdh all the way up theres no sound from the left channel. Its being panned from the center to the right while the left is silent. I dont understand if it is a true stereo output why would this happen when set to the lowest rate? If i increase the rate sound is coming from both LR …

That’s strange.  First, I thought it was that Width was less than 100 (you stated it isn’t).  Then, I was guessing it was the Channel One (left) cabling, but you’ve said it behaves correctly with higher rates.

I haven’t noticed this issue, or had a chance to test it out yet, but I have a quick question:  By “slowest rate”, are you setting this at 1.00 Hz. [Tempo Off], or 1/4 [Tempo On]?