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I will chime in on this to offer an additional scenario I’m running into within the Pitchfuzz algorithm itself.

If I make the hotswitch or an expression pedal just turn the pitch mix up or down (to engage and disengage the octave but keep the fuzz on) it still

has a lag. confirmed via midi control that other algorithms like wah, modechoverb, etc where i change multiple parameters don’t have that lag time with the same midi expression pedal.

I know it’s a heftier plugin but if Eventide staff ends up having the time/resources you might want to look at revising the code of Pitchfuzz as a target for the next update. I know it got a fairly quick overhaul between the Namm show and release so maybe something is choppy in there that could be improved. I’ve just gotten used to my transition a little early to compensate for the switch but obviously it’d be nicer if it could react in real time to really ride the delays and pitches with an expression input.