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question wrote:

I would prefer a non software solution.[/quote]

I have no hands on experience with iCtrl-R, just considered to get one for myself some time ago, but from the description it has standard MIDI out, so you probably wouldn’t need an additional computing device for its on stage operation.

Nevertheless, “non software” is a kinda vague term, and if you mean no software involvement at all, even during the baseline device/preset programming as in pre-computer era where everything is adjusted on the device itself via buttons etc., then I may not be of help : )

Just out of curiosity, except you want to go completely wireless, why don’t you just grab a usual midi foot controller and draw its power supply cable along with the MIDI cable you already have to use? You could even attach it to the MIDI cable with some clips etc. for the sake of aesthetics.



With no software, I mean not involving the computer or iPad. In terms of functionality, Morningstarfx looks great. Also supports phantom power but unfortunately H9 does not provide phantom power.