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espen wrote:
… Yes, thats correct. Tempo off. Minimum rate With the slow/fast button set to “slow”.

That’s an important point (I didn’t consider it before you mentioned it).  I believe that would be 10X slower than the set SPEED [0.1 Hz. @ a 1.00 Hz. value].  I tried this out last night; I don’t quite know what to make of it.  With a SINE SHAPE, I’m hearing the left side ‘linger’ at no volume, while the right side spends some extra time ‘peaking’.  That is what I’d expect from a SINE waveform.

I also used the Output Meters in H9 Control to visually confirm what I was hearing.  The extremely low rate can be deceiving, though, so I need some more time to draw conclusions here.  I also got some unexpected results when switching to other LFO waveforms (like SQUARE).  That might be due to where the waveform(s) start their cycle.  I’ll check back in here when I have more to contribute.