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tlongabaugh wrote:

Hey D’Andrew-

The demo should be fully-functional, presets included. The installer should have placed the presets in your documents directory, at (~/Documents/Eventide/SP2016 Reverb/Presets), can you confirm they are installed there? If not, please re-run the installer, ensuring that “Presets and User Guide” is selected.

If they are installed, are they not showing up in the dropdown menu at the top of the plugin? Does clicking “LOAD” launch a file dialog, with the presets listed?


Thanks Tom,

Yes I can see the presets going through finder and clicking “LOAD” on the plugi but when I go to the “Manual” drop down menu (Top left next to bypass switch) and “Factory Presets” it only shows 1 option which is “Pres: 0 Untitled”

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