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Eventide Staff

Hey all, Woody from Eventide here. I'm a (relatively) recent DSP engineer coming to bear some good news. It's not in pedal form but one of our most recent projects has been to redo the Instant Phaser plugin. The current plugin doesn't quite capture the magic of the original hardware unit so we've gone back and done a really careful model of it and are pretty confident that these new versions will really capture the sound of the original. It should defnitely help any drummer freinds get closer to that Bonham sound.

Bluesman unfortunately the current plugin isn't available for individual download, partly because we're not totally happy with the way it sounds. However, if you're not super pressed for time the updated plugin, which will be available for individual download, should be coming out in the not so distant future. I don't want to give any specific dates (because they'd of course be wrong) but I'd say keep your eyes peeled for a release in maybe the next month or two.

Brock very cool to hear you used the original and liked it!