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As far as I know, that Instant Phaser plugin is available.  I would think it would be the most accurate representation of the original rack mount, with dedicated processing power & aural fidelity only limted to the host computer & audio interface.  Of course, more to lug around, and fussier to rely upon live.

Now, the H9 Phaser algorithm is also “downloadable” (or included in the H9 Max); specific to the H9 itself.  It certainly has the parameter components to emulate the Instant Phaser.  Depending on his rig, you might need send/receive on a mixer, or at least something to bring the mic levels up to instrument level (as the H9 is geared toward guitar input, to simplify).  Maybe a padded true Line Level.

Love that song, and the Instant Phaser application.  I’ve never tried to specifically mirror that beautiful “whoosh” – let alone with a cymbal crash – but I believe it can be done right on the H9 Phaser, using the ENV or ADSR modulations.  I’ve built quite similar presets with those.  You’re triggering off the audio / envelope of the cymbal, so gain-staging into the H9, and small SENSITIVITY parameter tweaks are going to make or break it.