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Eventide Staff
kimmyl14 wrote:

Shouldn’t DSP give me also the same volume?

DSP might have a different volume. If you want to use the relay bypass and match the dry/wet level perfectly, you need to change the output level of each preset and save them.


Please also check the input level switch in the back. This will definitely have an effect. Both of those switches need to be set to the same level "type" so that DSP bypass and relay bypass will have identical levels.


Guitar – Zoom G3xn [Amp sim w/ Cab sim] – [Guitar Input] Timefactor [Line Output] – Earphones  – This chain would have problems. The output is set to LINE OUT.

Guitar – OD – [Guitar Input] Timefactor [Amp Output] – Amp – This chain should be ok. The input and output levels match.