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nickrose wrote:

Further to Bohan’s suggestions, can you just try guitar->TF->amp, with both switches set to guitar and tell us what happens ?

Okay, I will try this and update. Thank you for this.


bohan wrote:

DSP might have a different volume. If you want to use the relay bypass and match the dry/wet level perfectly, you need to change the output level of each preset and save them.


Guitar – Zoom G3xn [Amp sim w/ Cab sim] – [Guitar Input] Timefactor [Line Output] – Earphones  – This chain would have problems. The output is set to LINE OUT.

I guess if I really want to match the true level then I’d have to increase my preset volumes and stick to Relay. Hope that I’d be able to resolve the issue so that I could stick to DSP+Effects bypass. Unfortunately, the volume drop is huge especially in direct. 

Guitar In and Line Out gave me the loudest output yet still below the relay bypass. Other combination were really really low in volume. I can compensate by amp, but the sound guy in direct says that my volume was already at max.

Anyways, if I find out that TF to amp had no loss in volume then is there any way to compensate with my current setup? Is it the Zoom’s fault? Though ending the chain at Zoom is the volume I am looking for which is still the relay bypassed volume. Maybe there’s a connection with Zoom’s DSP and Tf’s DSP? Hope to update you with TF to amp setup.