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On iOS the app is looking for H9s and Factor pedals that have been connected to the camera connection kit via USB.  iOS recognizes them as MIDI devices, and it makes them available in the MIDI device list with names like H9, PitchFactor, etc.  The app just looks through this list looking for Eventide devices.  This is all explained in H9 Control's manual which you can find under Settings / Help.

That iConnectivity device works differently than the camera connection kit.  It's just a MIDI interface and no information about what is connected to it is given to iOS.  So, the app has no way of knowing what is connected to it.  

We had actually gotten one of those devices into our office a few years ago to look at how they worked, because other users in the past had problems with them.  It was a while ago so I can't remember the exact details of what happened.  But basically, we already looked into these problems a few years ago and apparently weren't able to resolve them.  I think the quickest solution for you would be to use the camera connection kit instead.