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First off, I do have stereo effects and like I said, the two output of the ES-8 are always connected to the H9. The ES-8 routes the signal to 1,2 or both

bohan wrote:

… if both of its inputs are connected and only one input has sound, it would apply delay/pitch 1 to the left input and delay/pitch 2 to the right input, so the channel without sound cannot generate stereo image. 

This is exactly what I would like but it’s not happening. I’ve tried two methods:

1) Setting output routing to 1 or 2. H9 turns it into stereo.

2) Inserting an ‘open’ loop on the side I want silenced. By open I mean literally open, an unused loop with nothing connected. I used this technique before the H9 to block my incoming guitar signal and play a sampler (‘looper’) on that channel while my signal came through on the other amp. Again, strangely, the H9 turns this into stereo.


I was hoping someone with an ES-8 had done this and would chime in. But on the H9 side, to determine mono/stereo or stereo/stereo, is it looking for 1 or 2 signals, or 1 or 2 physical connections? Do i have to get an actual volume pedal to choke back the signal but still show a connection? I dont use them or own one or I would have tried it. 

Also please note both routing methods above work fine when the H9 is off, so the ES-8 is doing what it’s supposed to do.