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bohan wrote:

No, you can only assign one RCV Map. But here is something you can do: 

PC #00 -> 1:1

PC #01 -> 2:1

PC #02 -> 3:1

PC #03 -> 4:1

PC #04 -> 5:1

With footswitches on the TimeFactor, you may be able to easily switch to 10 presets.

That was exactly what I intended to do, thanks for the suggestion by the way. The point is that this is just one MAP, and I would need a completely different MAP for another band situation (eg. play in a cover band, and play in an independent  band, or with acoustic set), with the same program changes pointing to different bank:presets.

That mainly is because of my controller PC number limitation.


bohan wrote:

Is it possible changing the RCV MAP on the fly without connecting to a PC?

Yes. You can change the MIDI PC RCV Mapping on the unit in the Settings->MIDI->RCV Map menu.

I meant the whole RCV MAP like MAP 01, MAP 02, MAP 03…  But as you said, only one map can be assigned at a time.

I suppose I’ll have to load saved maps for every different gig.


Thanks for the reply.