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HotSawz is one deeply packed algorithm.  That resonant filter … best H9 offering from Eventide yet, when paired up with all those odd/even harmonics.  Relatively few tracking glitches, even when tossing polyphonic chords at it.  It seems to be amplitude based: loudest note wins.  Unique to my experience, in any case.

Granted, it’ll be easier to understand what’s going on here with some basic synthesizer knowledge.  The modulation matrix has LFO, EF, and ADS, aimed at Pitch, Volume, Filter, and detuned oscillators as destinations.  That alone sets up HotSawz as a preset-making machine.  There’s a lot crammed in.

I haven’t run through the [F]actory presets at all, but I’ve already read some ‘complaints’ online.  Just turn the MIX (x4) down.  Near 100% isn’t always appropriate, and that will determine what everything downstream has to chew on.  The 10 multi-parameters are highly interactive.  Subtle tweaks make all the difference.