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llemtt wrote:

Given the Eventide algorithm philosophy it will never happen…

Can you mention an Eventide algorithm named “Electric Mistress”, “Leslie”, “Carbon Copy”, “Fuzz Face”,…

Eventide algorithms are more general, more tweakable, more innovative,… I don’t know any of them developed to replicate the sound of a specific “effect”.

The Univibe is actually a four stage phaser but unfortunately the Phaser algorithm is not tweakable enough to truly sound like an Univibe.

A Phaser with control to individually spacing and modulation of the notches will come really close to the Univibe sound.



As a long time user of their products I wouldnt say they have a philosophy of copying stuff, Im not looking for a shinei knock off, I just want a simple 4 stage phaser with vibrato  that is useable. The vibraphaser doesnt cut the mustard. check back in the forum for updated delays and you’ll find a reworking of the ‘vintage delay’alg and the pure joy it brought for timefactor owners ( I still think its the best delay they have). Getting back to philosophy, I can remember some 8 years ago and you can check it out here, that we as a community asked them for a VerbFactor, or something of that kind and we eventually got ‘Space’ so asking for something can pay off.