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Send2george2 wrote:

I will keep trying but for me with my build as above it is too unreliable to use in a reheasal or live situation. Hope others have the issue and there’s an eventual fix fix… either that or my iPad has somehow a weak or faulty Bluetooth circuit. Any support guys looking in?

A number of users have had trouble connecting to two H9s from iPad Airs.  There is a long thread about this issue already:


The Bluetooth connection to a device is managed entirely by iOS.  We had filed a bug report with Apple about the issue and submitted Bluetooth logs to them in the hopes that they would be able to figure out the problem and fix it, but this problem has gone unaddressed by Apple for a few years at this point.

If you would like to capture a Bluetooth diagnostic log on your iPad Air, we would be happy to submit it to Apple, but at this point I am wondering if there might not actually be a hardware flaw in the iPad Air's Bluetooth chips that causes this problem.