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Tim Zurowski

Thanks for the reply bohan. I am not really sure what this old controller is capable of sending, but all I need is quick access to random presets. I checked in System Mode / Midi to make sure the H9 was set on OMNI, and it was. It still was not working, so I unplugged the midi cable and plugged it back it, and it started to work and still works. So it must have been a bad cable connection . . . . . for my needs all is good now. 🙂  There is probably a way to access various presets throughout the unit, but what I did was move the 10 presets I need the most into the first 10 H9 preset positions. So now I can leave the controller on Bank 1 and quickly and easily access each of those 10 presets just like 10 stompboxes. I will save the next 10 in Bank 2 and bank up if/when needed.