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h9controller wrote:

Morpheus Blue wrote:

Hi, I have had the HotSawz downloaded and updated for a few days but I can not get any sound from any of the 33 new algorithms. If I go to any other algo and select a tab, say CrushStation F5 Jumbo Shrimp or Mod Delay F8 PhaserEcho2.. everything works as normal. Not HotSawz though. But I can change the parameters etc (either via the app or with an experssion pedal) but still no sound whatsoever. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I contacted support last Friday but haven’t heard back yet.

Did you install the latest software onto your H9 via Pedal Settings->Update Stompbox’s Software in H9 Control?  

You should be seeing “Software Version 5.6.0[0]” installed onto your H9 on the top right of H9 Control from the Pedal Settings page.



 Support@eventide suggested I do a factory reset. It’s completely up to date. I have performed the factory reset (INITIA) twice. App uninstalled & reinstalled – Twice – And I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve rebooted the computer (OS Mojave) & the unit. Nothing I do allows me to play the new HotSawz algorithms. Although everything else still works perfectly.