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Great idea on the wet/dry split.  Seems like it’d be a nice fit for davebrubaker’s ‘Power Of Three’ thread.  Wet2 / Dry1 for HotSawz, Wet1 / Dry 2 on a 2nd H9, loaded with one of the 3 digi-stortion algorithms.  I want to try that with a ‘hybrid’ series / parallel / series routing, to see how it all sums back to mono.


As for the single H9 dry / wet MIX, you can create some nice ‘distortions’ from HotSawz alone.  Subtle, or not-so-subtle.  MIX up the ‘harmonics’, tweak down the FILTER.  Let it ‘bloom’ after the initial (dry) pick attack.  Dial in some ‘finger vibrato’, or an amazing-sounding ‘Uni-Growl’ from sweeping detuned oscillators.