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tmoravan wrote:

It’s been years since I had any H3000’s in my rack, but the H8000FW and 9000 definitely do not sound overly bright to me.

Also, I tend not to use a DAW/plugins, so I am not the best person to ask for a comparison.  Are you sure both the plugin and the hardware are set to the same values and same I/O levels and same signal path through your system?


I’m “old school” too and where possible I use the hardware.. 

Yes, the settings are the same and the levels too, the D-SE sounds with less bass and a boost on the mid highs side where the plugin sounds more balanced, let’s say more similiar to the original source (in this case I’m referring to a distorted typical guitar track).

Maybe there’s an internal kind of “master EQ” on the H3000? Maybe hidden somewhere..

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Or maybe they’re it’s own converters that make the unit sounds a little “grainy/acid”?


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