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jbradwilson wrote:

I have a similar problem as Morpheus Blue.  I upgraded my H9 Control (both on my iPad and on my Mac), and updated the firmware on my H9 Max and Core, synced purchases with the servers and have no sound on any of the Hotsawz algorithms.

Unfortunately, we never really got to the bottom of Morpheus Blue's issue.  He tried a number of things, and somehow, he fixed the problem.  But we weren't quite sure what in particular it was that he did that fixed the issue.  Does the display on your H9s light up immediately when you power them on or is there a 10 second delay?  If there's a delay, that indicates that the software that installs updates is defective.  In any case I'd recommend reinstalling the H9 software;  if you did it before using H9 Control, I'd do it using a USB cable with the Direct Updater app this time instead which installs updates in a different way.  That app comes bundled with H9 Control on desktops; you can find it under the Start menu in Windows under the H9 Control folder, or on macOS you can launch it by finding when H9 Control is open under the mac menubar menu named "Window".  After installing the software again, I'd do a system settings reset as you described above (make sure that you see the words "CLEAR" appear on the display).  If that doesn't resolve the issue, please email support@eventide.com.