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Given To Fly wrote:
38:  Castrato Bender

That is a ballsy title. My expectations will be really high. surprise

Less ballsy than most, I imagine.  And I really don’t want to imagine.  I try to give presets unique, yet descriptive names.  Those descriptions might only make sense to me; filtered through my sense of humor.

Let’s face it:  Many of these presets are intentionally weird.  Showcase-y.  I tried to balance that with bread ‘n’ butter presets.  Oddly enough, I’m finding those roles often reversed now, as I use them more.

I mentioned the expression pedal integration in passing.  For a few presets, that might only mean subtle MIX or rate changes.  But I think the EXP PED variations are key here.  In most cases, the intent is to dynamically switch between two distinct synth types, or programming extremes.  Play it like a volume pedal.

If no expression pedal is available, it might be worth dialing up the HotKnob, or ribbon strip in H9 Control.  There’s a lot of fine-tuning to be had in the ‘morphing’ positions between Heel & Toe.