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ndoe22 wrote:
I seem to be having some issues with the levels being displayed on the hardware unit. So I have a signal coming in the analog ins, I can monitor the levels in the emote app fine. But when I press the levels/gain soft button on the hardware the screens shows up and there are no levels displayed on the unit. You can see the peak value being held for a second before it disappears but no levels displayed. So it seems as if the levels are there until I go to view them. OS X 10.11.6 Ableton 10.0.5 H9000


That is a very curious issue. I want to take a stab at trying to reproduce that bug here in the office. Could possibly send me a video of the exact issue so that I have a visual reference as to what is going on? You can send it to PFlores@eventide.com.


Thank you so much and we apologize for the inconvenience.