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Foster wrote:

skywriter wrote:
I dont use plugins, only hardware. My H3000-D/SE doesn’t sound overly bright 50-100% mix. If it hasn’t been done, I would suggest listening to a 50/50 mix directly out of the H3000 without recombining with the original signal. Then there won’t be any phasing issues with the sound. If it sounds fuller, then suspect a phasing issue somewhere.

Tomorrow I’ll do this test too, thank you for your suggestion!


Hi Skywriter, I did the test that you suggested me, but the tone coming out from my H3000 sounds always Hrash, like it was digitally oversaturated.. even with the mix 50/50 dry wet or 100% wet or 100% dry.. and the input levels levels are correct.. and even if I attenuate the input it sounds the same..

Does this tell you something?