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I use an external master MIDI clock for everything (Lexicon MPX-1).  In a practical sense, I need the extensive parameter control over the H9s, so they’re all slaves with OUTPUT=THRU.  The XMT MIDI Clock seemed stable enough (in very limited testing).  But there’s a lot going on inside an H9.

I try to keep the unneeded processing time to a minimum.  I find the slaved MIDI Clock much improved with software updates, since my original PitchFactor purchase.  Catches up to tempo changes nicely.

You’re mentioning USB, so I wonder if you’re using or slaving a computer clock.  Surprisingly enough, that’s not the most stable route.  Dedicated hardware performs much better for me; even an ancient drum machine (as a MIDI Clock source).  There are standalone Clocks out there, but not necessarily a required purchase.