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      William Middlemiss

      I have learned (for the most part) which devices I have which drift far too much to be used without MIDI sync. But since the H9 does not do usb control data and midi sync simultaneously, I have to decide which to use for performance- a Sophie’s choice in the gear sense. 

      Id rather have control, but I need to sync it if it’s so far out of line with some software and hardware and figure out something else for control. Mainly this dilemma has presented itself via collaboration- I have no idea what the outcome would be in live performance with another musician operating with another clock. 

      Has the clock drift in the H9 been noticable for you? If so, what gear were you using?

      For Eventide: Is there a way to add a midi sync option with the usb port used for control in future software? Like a midi sync from din override?

      This hasnt been a problem with me with reverbs, pitch and distortions (obviously, sorta) but for the more rhythmic duties I am increasing being recruited for (and these far out delays I’m diggin with my newly maxed out unit) it will probably come up and I’ll need to choose. 

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      I use an external master MIDI clock for everything (Lexicon MPX-1).  In a practical sense, I need the extensive parameter control over the H9s, so they’re all slaves with OUTPUT=THRU.  The XMT MIDI Clock seemed stable enough (in very limited testing).  But there’s a lot going on inside an H9.

      I try to keep the unneeded processing time to a minimum.  I find the slaved MIDI Clock much improved with software updates, since my original PitchFactor purchase.  Catches up to tempo changes nicely.

      You’re mentioning USB, so I wonder if you’re using or slaving a computer clock.  Surprisingly enough, that’s not the most stable route.  Dedicated hardware performs much better for me; even an ancient drum machine (as a MIDI Clock source).  There are standalone Clocks out there, but not necessarily a required purchase.

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      William Middlemiss

      I was going to slave from a computer clock. 

      My ancient drum machine is the worst drift-wise, so thats a no go. 

      My Kurzweil Mangler processor is ok, it would work, but with usb controlling parameters in H9 control, it wouldnt recognize the din anyways

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