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I commented on this  about 2 years ago……    Since then I have :

1.  about 2 yrs ago I got tired of waiting for Eventide and bit the bullet  and purchased a Drybell Vibe Machine.  It has got “that sound” – with all of the classic uni-vibe trobbing and  nuances….. a glorious pedal

2. After another 6 months I have moved back into the digital domain got an AxeFx IIXL   –  sold it  in less then a year to upgrade to the AxeFXIII .  The AxeFxIII has a very convincing univibe setting in their phaser block.  I have compared it side by side to the Drybell and it is pretty close 

3  Recently I have sold my H9 STD.  I kept my  H9 MAX (for the time being) as I am  tring to find a reason to use it with my AxeFxIII.

Have a chuckle when this thread gets resurected and was glad that I did not wait for a solution …..

In an earlier post I commented that it was a “hard” algo to do in the digital domain — Fractal Audio (aka Cliff Chase) figured it out — I am confident that guys at Eventide could do it with the H9 –  I guest its just a matter of priority …… 

 Maybe one day I will get around to updateding my H9 and check out the new synth algo 🙂