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I kept getting ERASE, and then nothing….when updating to 5.6 from 5.4.1-7

Finally, I unplugged the midi in and out and it updated fine.  Hope this helps anyone that did not disconnect their midi patch cables!


freakshow wrote:

I just updated the software on my Iphone, my computer (win 10) and then went ahead and tried to update the firmware on my H9. all went well untill it was done…the computer screen said it was all set…but the H( just keeps flashing erase….read….erase….read. and now the computer will not even see the H9 when I open the H9 control program. I reboot the H9 with the hotknob and right footswitch and it seemed to be ok…I plugged into it and all my presets worked except when I went to the hotsaw algorithm it made nothing but a bad electronic noise. No effect was working.


So I tried to update it with my Iphone and it went through the update…the Iphone said it was all set and now the H9 screen again just flashes erase….read….erase…read and now nothing will see the H9…both phone and computer. I tried holding the hotknob and right footswitch to reboot but it does nothing now. The screen is now stuck on “update”


Please help this is not cool.