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Eventide Staff
dbeats wrote:
The error still occurs from time to time, both with my iPad and iPhone. Maybe there is something wrong with v5.6.0?

Does it get any better recently? I don't think it's v5.6.0's problem since we didn't change anything related to Bluetooth in this version.

Well, there is a step by step guide in the H9 Control manual about Bluetooth troubleshooting:


You may follow these steps and check if it works after each step

1. Verify that Bluetooth is enabled on your H9. A blue LED in the upper right-hand corner of the H9's display will be lit up if Bluetooth is turned on. Turn the Bluetooth off and on again on the H9 to reset the state of the Bluetooth chip by pressing X, Y, and Z buttons on the H9 simultaneously.

2. Restart the H9 with the right footswitch and HotKnob button pressed to restore H9's system settings.

3. Restart your mobile device completely to reset its state.

4. Reset the network settings of your mobile device.

5. If your mobile device still does not show your H9, please send an email to support@eventide.com. Our support team can further assist you in trouble shooting the problem.