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ubyaman1 wrote:
Understood. But, after I save to the pedal and then acces the pedal through the app, it doesn’t tell me which list is loaded I.e. the list name? I do see one of the presets there but it also appears that the other 98 are there as well.

If I understand you correctly, you saved a list with just 1 preset to the pedal, and found other 98 presets on your pedal. Am I understanding right?

OK, here is the thing:

1. The preset list on your H9 doesn't have a name. The name will always be "H9-xxxxx (your H9's serial number) Presets" because there is only one list on your H9.

2. There are always 99 presets stored on an H9 Max. If you save a preset list with N presets to your pedal, only the first N presets on the H9 will be replaced. That's why you still see other presets (they should be factory presets if you haven't made any change). If you only want to use those presets on the preset list that you transferred to the H9, you can set H9's preset range to "1 to N". After doing so, if you increment from preset N, the current preset will go to preset 1; if you decrement from preset 1, it will go to preset N.

Hope it helps.