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nickrose wrote:

Hi Edo

Ask me again in the New Year, and I can give you a Sysex to disable MIDIclock in.

Our thinking was that if you were using MIDIclock, this would be your tempo master, and you would not try to override it.

A situtation where you had tap tempo fighting received MIDIclock did not seem attractive. We thought you should pick one or the other.




I made the silly asumption that I would also be able to have some presets that are at a set tempo, but then also allowing me to tap in tempo. Enable/disable clock via midi, like pushing the encoder, would be an OBVIOUS mapping choice? I use an advanced midi pedal to control this, is there a cc yet to control “tempo on/off” yet? If not, where is this sysex of which you speak? My pedal (RJM ftw!) can more than likely send those as macros.