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Thank you.  This does make sense.  

rvickers wrote:

As far as I know there is not a profile.  It would be a bit difficult to do one as the unit responds to midi very dynamically.  What I do is designate controllers on the MMGT, then in any H9000 session I learn them in the H9000 with quick mapping.  It is really easy.  So, setup the switches in MMGT with CC etc. 


Expression 1 = CC 30

Expression 2 = CC 31


IA 1 = 40

IA 2 = 41

Then its very fast to assign control to what ever you want with the learn function.  This then means you can have patches in the MMGT come up with IAs changing the state of the effects in the H9000.  Also set the tap tempo feature to send midi clock to the H9000.

Hope this makes sense.