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shanesublett wrote:

Thanks JCR! I Almost understand what is going on here. I did folllow your post and managed to get my pedal to react as it should with the sysex messages you gave. I am looking to get the boolean parameter 7: sp_tap_syn,         to work. It controls tempo enable or not. I was just hoping for a way to lock to a time OR lock to tap tempo with the sending of a sysex (as if pushing down on the encoder). Sadly, I am a total idiot when it comes to programming. I honestly have NO clue what string of number would represent that command. I dont even have a clue what part of that command is for me to read and what part is to be sent. I fear I am asking questions about things that are many years ahead of me in programming.  Thank you for the insight so far.

The sp_tap_syn parameter is the same as holding the tap button on the H9 to switch between the tap function and the cue presets function, as far as I know. So that is not the one you need, use the midi clock on/of sysex message instead. If you set midi clock to off by sysex msg the tap function will work, send the midi clock on msg by sysex to have the H9 respond to midi clock.

For me that was to limiting, so I ended up buying a Selah Quartz V2 midi clock (V3 is the last model). It is a very powerfull midi clock. You can tap in the tempo, override the tempo by tapping a new tempo, have 128 presets, control all those presets by midi, and most of all… control/set the tempo by midi CC messages, which you can’t do with the H9 itself. I have set my H9’s to midi clock in and let the Selah Quartz handle all the tempo related stuff. The Quartz is very powerfull, and has a large multi line color display. You can also control tap functions on analog pedals with a tap input and connect additional switches (6 max) to the Quartz  to select presets or send midi macros of max. 10 midi messages on each preset. You can have different functions for tap and for holding the switches. It gave me the flexibility I needed.

Cal, the designer of the Quartz, has put several video’s on youtube explaining a lot of functions of the Quartz.