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One of the most interesting things about the Multidelay module is it’s Glide Smooth parameter, which seems to be the key to really interesting modulations. You can use this parameter to smooth out the glide from one delay time to another, alowing you to really fine tune the pitch bends.

For this reason, Multidelay modules are my choice for creating interesting things like randomized plex reverbs. You can use some math to send various delay times into a multidelay + an array of those can be sent into a plex with each delay line modulating at different speeds and “depths” (delay time changes).

The attached screenshot features 8 multidelays into an 8 input/out plex module. Each multidelay is conencted to a c_random module, which sets the delay range. Each multidelay also has it’s own change rate, so shorter delays can change quickly and longer delays can change slower (or vice versa). This adds very interesting color to each individual delay in the feedback network.

That’s all mixed up and sent to a pair of hi-cut filters to trim off that top end if you choose to.There’s also pre-delay and an input trimmer. I find the input trimmer necessary to control the amount of energy that’s sent into the plex.