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…furthermore: the engineers in the back seats are experts from the practice, no pale theorists. Unfortunately I can not say that about some competitors. Just at the moment I’m annoyed about the tech-support of one of these companies… there was never such experiences with Eventide.

Since Christmas I’m a proud owner of the H9000 and very deep in love with this sexy monster. heart :-)) That the sound will be great again was expected since the Eclipse. But especially because of all possibilities the unit offers I never expected a software that’s SO EASY TO USE. So easy that the manual is not even necessary. …as I said, experts from the practice…For that alone this staggering box have no rivals on the market. Simply incredible!!! 🙂

One thing needs also to be mention: the controllers (Mod Wheel, Breath etc.) are assigned within a very few seconds and in contrast to H8000FW and Eclipse it works without to vary the values. The Eclipse is my second favorite FX but if controllers are in use the transfer drift to a question of luck. With the H9000 that belongs to the past.

Great compliment to the engineers!!!!!!