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magnum wrote:

I tried 2 mics direct through a preamp to DAW= Dead silent

Then I tried the same mics just running through the Mixing link and noticed a high noise level, and as I said the sound of the mic was affected. It became more dull and sounded like a cheaper mic.

I tried the reverse polarity button but it didnt change anything. I was using the correct power adaptor. Im running it at low gain. Im running out the correct FX output into the FX and back. The noise doesnt sound like something's broken. It just sounds like the pedal adds a bunch of hiss.

What kind of microphones are you using? Are they dynamic or condenser? 

What is the "preamp" you mentioned in your post? MinxingLink works as a preamp, so did you add more gain on your audio interface?

We need more info about your setup. If the green LED blinks and the red LED doesn't light whiling using the microphone, it means the input gain is fine, and there must be something wrong on the output part, which could be either your audio interface (another preamp?) or your DAW's setup. 

I would suggest you use a pair of headphones to test your setup rather than your DAW. Because that's more like the way you are going to use MixingLink in your tour. You may just plug your headphones in the headphones jack on the MixingLink.