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mat herbert
Zathrus wrote:

I recently updated from Cubase 8.5 to Cubase 10. When I installed Cubase 10, I saw a message pop up  advising me that Cubase 10 does not support VST 2. I didn’t think this would cause a problem but I was wrong.

Since using Cubase 10, I discovered that Ultra reverb and Black Hole do not instantiate. I checked the Eventide site, and sure enough those are listed as VST 2 plugins. 

T Verb and Ultra Tap instantiate just fine.

I saw a post from a year ago on here saying that Eventide is working toward VST 3 support for all plugins. Please make this a top priority.

As you can guess, Ultra Reverb is a tool I rely on a lot. Black Hole too, for more  atmospheric sounds and styles.


I think you should read this thread if you haven’t already… https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=138074

Cubase 10 DOES support VST2 and steinberg ARE NOT dropping support for VST2 plugins in the foreseeable future…. they have just said they are not continuing VST2 development or the SDK. It’s surprising just how many people have got completely the wrong end of the stick regarding this.

ALL the Eventide plugs are VST2.

If blackhole and ultrareverb aren’t loading on your system then unfortunately there is an issue on your system…. have you tried to reinable them from the plugin manager?

Are you using the latest iLok manager/Eventide installers?